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Beyond The Veil series

When I Paint, when I sing,

It’s the same thing to let me do it.


It is a source of life rising beyond the veil of this three-dimension at the moment of now.


It is a forming in the name of intention which exists universally and is diluted normally.


Beyond the veil It’s me,

but now, it’s just a moment of the delight of exchange.


Here it is,

And it begins to exchange with you who are a part of it.

Forms & Triangle series

When our uniqueness connect each other,
a balance happens as a symbol of a triangle.

They are entirely different in two forms.
They are completely two different colors.
They cannot be overlapped,
and they couldn't be understood,

but they walk towards each other,
and at some point, it's balanced.

The third perspective begins.

The brand new perspective that never existed before frees us.

BeyondThe Veil
Forms & Triangle

Tomoko Nagashima - Painter

Born in Japan in 1979, Tomoko started her career as a singer in 2001.

When she was living in NYC she went to Frieze Art Fair and took photos of her favorite arts by her phone, then she realized she only took photos of abstract art and her passion for it.

She studied abstract art under Melissa Staiger in 2016 in NYC.

In 2020, her first exhibition will be held in Tokyo. 

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