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About me

As a Nada Yoga Facilitator

In 2002, she discovered yoga as part of her health regimen while on tour.

As a musician, my goal is to always perform with a high level of spirituality.

I continue to study various things including yoga as a physical and spiritual practice.

2003 Obtained Reiki Master qualification

2004 Obtained crystal healing intermediate qualification

2015 Yoga teacher training 200 hours completed

2016 Nada Yoga Mantra Chanting Teacher Training Completed

Others include TM meditation, mindfulness meditation, fulfillment meditation,

Ayurveda, Vegetarianism, Inner Child Healing, Completion Process, Human Design 

I have deepened my various holistic studies.

Sound Yoga - Musicalchemy is a word coined by Tomoko Nagashima, consisting of the words Music + Alchemy.

This comes from the belief that creating music through the body becomes an alchemy of the spirit.

More than just sound healing meditation,

This is a method backed by a unique philosophy.

Yoga Profile
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