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​ Staff recruitment

Recruiting help staff


We are looking for help staff to support Nagashima Tomoko's activities.

The contents include on-site support and help with websites.

During the trial period, we will only pay actual expenses and a simple thank you, but if you are hired in the future, we will discuss the terms and conditions and decide on the terms.

Please answer the questions below (as much as possible)

thisEmailOr please apply using the application form below.

Please note that we will only reply to those who request an interview after screening the documents by email.



2.Email address


4.Date of birth

5. Gender

6. Birthplace

7.Do you have a driver's license?

8.Current occupation

9. Occupations held in the past

10.Are you good at working with computers?

11.How well can you speak English?

12. Motivation

13.Any other special skills, appeal points, thoughts on the application, etc.

14.SNS account (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)​

​Application form

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